About Us

The Tennessee Chapter of the Trail of Tears Association (TNTOTA) is one of nine state chapters that have been formed to assist the National Trail of Tears Association (TOTA). TOTA and TNTOTA are non-profit organizations dedicated to supporting the National Trail of Tears Historic Trail, which was authorized by Congress in 1987 to commemorate the forced removal of the Cherokee people from their homelands in the southeastern United States to Indian Territory in 1838-1839.

TNTOTA is dedicated to research and education about the Trail of Tears through Tennessee. Our activities include virtual and in-person educational programs and meetings, informational tables at festivals, commemorative walks, research and documentation, maintenance of a very active Facebook page, and working with the NPS to install Trail of Tears route signage, among other activities.

If you are interested in history and preservation and telling the story of the Trail of Tears in Tennessee, we hope you will check out this website, visit our Facebook Page, attend one of our events, and join TOTA. We welcome new members and volunteers.

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Board of Directors

  • President & National Director: Laura Spann
  • Vice President: Charlie Rhodarmer
  • Treasurer: Erin Medley
  • Secretary: Darlene Goins
  • State Directors:
    • Faye Callaway
    • Melba Checote-Eads
  • National Directors:
    • Vicki Rozema
    • Cleata Townsend